† and so h e reigned

+ t o lead the W O R L D +

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Character description

Strict, organised and rather authoritative- Veld is someone you could entirely sum up as a 'fearless leader' and who could probably end up reminding someone of that strict headmaster back in private school.

Veld is a very particular person about mission execution, often ending up extremely fearsome if they aren't done with precision. He can, without a doubt, strike fear into people if things don't go correctly, and be quite unforgiving if his subordinates are improper in any way.

That isn't to say he's a cruel person- he isn't at all. But he is definitely one who separates business from pleasure and will not tolerate mistakes. However, Veld definitely does have a kinder side to him where he does not mind aiding those he needs to- or offering the occasional word of encouragement when he has to.

Adept with what he does and observant to a fault, Veld thrives on making sure everything he does reflects properly on himself and those around him. He is best approached with a professional and proper address, and does not like people being overly familiar with him until and unless he knows them properly. For a person who single-handedly brought the Turks where they are today, he can't be anything but.

Character history/background (at this point in his/her life)

Having joined the Turks at a young age after leaving for Midgar from Kalm, Veld was pretty much a small town boy heading into the big city. It took him a couple of years, but finally making it into Shinra's Turks- Veld was definitely one of the best. Finally on duty and leading a successful life working for Shinra, some skirmishes broke out and Veld was sent to head them. During one of the skirmishes, Veld gave an order to attack an area fifty kilometers north of Kalm. Radio interference resulted in a mis-execution of orders and the burning of Kalm, causing great casualties and damage.

Veld’s family were seriously injured and taken to Nibelheim where they died. The incident was covered up, and Veld thrust himself into his work like a madman, the part where his obsessive attitude towards his work comes in. Having nothing left but his job with Shinra; his emotions to accept failure had died that day and swore that a Turk would never experience what he felt that day, ever.

Veld ended up working for Shinra to make sure the Turks formed as perfectly as possible, with President Shinra's lead. During this time, perhaps the only other friend he had was a newcomer Vincent Valentine, who immediately struck up a friendship with him and showed an adept skill in handling guns. Veld and Vincent eventually rose to the ranks of Turks Leader and Ace.

Around fifteen years ago, Veld witnessed Hojo almost going berserk on his companion in Nibelheim and rescued him, but Vincent was fated to receive the most negative of attention in the field of science and also witnessed the growth of Sephiroth, to be experimented on himself. In this period of time, he also took upon the upbringing of Tseng's mentoring, who would one day surpass him as the leader of the Turks.

Heading the Turks divisions and mentoring Tseng to the best of his ability, Veld now leads the Shinra's Executive Forces in Administrative Research. The rest, as they say, is history.